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Hardware Engineering
Thursday, April 29, 2021
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Why Work at Lenovo

Here at Lenovo, we believe in smarter technology for all, so we spend our time building a society that’s brighter and more inclusive. 

And we go big. No, not big—huge.

We’re not just a Fortune 500 company, we’re one of Fortune’s Most Admired. We’re in 180 countries, working with 63,000 brilliant colleagues and counting. And we’re known for the world’s most complete portfolio of smart technology, from devices to software to infrastructure.

With our ingenuity, we help millions—not just the select few—experience our version of a smarter future. 

The one thing that’s missing? Well… you...

Description and Requirements

1. 参与最新最酷的联想Yoga, 超轻薄笔记本,游戏本,2合1平板电脑等产品的天线设计开发; 
 2. 与最全球化的团队合作,设计开发新一代天线架构,比如 MIMO天线系统, 5G天线,智能天线,毫米波天线阵列等; 
 3. 你将成为业界最强消费产品创新团队的一员,钻研业界最先进的天线技术,为联想PC产品保驾护航! 

1, 电磁场与微波技术、电子工程、通信工程等相关专业本科及以上学历/Bachelor or above of electromagnetic field and microwave /Electronic/communication engineering. 
 2,具备职责相关方向的扎实专业基础知识功底,并具有5年以上的相关设计经验/Solid professional basic knowledge, greater than 5 years related experience 
 3,具有5年以上天线开发经验,熟悉笔记本电脑或手机天线设计/Over 3 years experience for antenna development and research, Know well for NB or Mobile phone antenna design 
4,熟悉频谱仪、信号源和网分,综测仪等常用开发仪表,并具有一定实践经历/Know well and good practical experience for VNA, SPA,Signal Source,Communication test set 
5,熟悉常用专业开发工具HFSS、CST等,并其中一项以上拥有一定实践经历Know well and good practical experience for HFSS or CST 
6,熟悉相关的专业英语,能够高效阅读相关技术手册、文献,能够进行一定程度的英语对话交流和专业表达/ Good for professional English and communication, able to efficiently read technical manuals and speaking 
7,踏实勤奋,好学上进,知行并重,注重团队协作/Team work and studious aspirant
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any federal, state, or local protected class.