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Supply Chain
Monday, June 10, 2024
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* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)

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Description and Requirements

The Lenovo Service Parts Services AP Fulfillment role is a critical member of the Lenovo Services & technical support team.

The Lenovo Services AP Fulfillment role is responsible for order management and fulfillment for all service parts orders received in the Asia Pacific Region.

Lenovo Service Parts Services AP Fulfillment是联想服务和技术支持团队的关键成员,负责亚太地区收到的所有服务部件订单管理和履行。

Job descriptions:

1. Creating reports merging data from various sources, extracting, validating, and controlling data.

2. Identifying projected shortages, and collaborating to avoid the shortage and reduce the impact.

3. Perform Backlog management, minimize and reduce customer backlog and avoid aging backlog.

4. Provide ETA reports keeping customers informed for customer backlog.

5. Communicate directly with vendors to resolve any order delays

6. Reporting backlog trends and actions for continuous improvement to reduce and avoid backlog.

7. Performing root cause and taking necessary corrective action when parts are not available.

8. Performing root cause and taking necessary actions for material without demand.

9. Reporting to management, the KPIS associated with Planning and Fulfillment.


1.  创建报表,合并来自不同来源的数据,提取、验证和控制数据。

2. 识别预计短缺,避免短缺降低影响影响。

3. 执行订单管理,最小化客户积压。

4. 提供预计到达时间报告,及时通知客户。

5. 直接与供应商沟通,解决订单延误问题。

6. 报告积压订单趋势和持续改进行动,以减少和避免积压。

7. 当零件不可用时,查找根本原因并采取必要的纠正措施。

8. 对无需求的材料进行根本原因分析并采取必要措施。

9. 向管理层汇报与计划和执行相关的关键绩效指标。

Position Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, overseas education background or work experience is preferred.

2. Minimum five years working experience on supply chain related positions.

3. Outstanding analytical capabilities and familiarity with excel & PPT, SAP experience is preferred, good to have AI/Power BI knowledge.

4. Excellent English written and oral communication skills, English will be the working language, Japanese is preferred.

5. Ability to work cross functionally in an international environment; Detail orientated.

6. Ability to work un-supervised and find the people and answers with minimal handholding.

7. Must be a team worker and excellent communication skill is a must.


1. 本科及以上学历,有海外留学背景或工作经验者优先。

2. 4年以上供应链相关工作经验,有团队管理经验优先。

3. 优秀的分析能力,熟悉excelPPT,有SAP经验者优先,有AI/Power BI知识者优先。

4. 优秀的英语书面和口头沟通能力,英语为工作语言,同时掌握日语优先。

5. 能够在国际环境中跨部门工作。

6. 以细节为导向,具备自驱力。

7. 具有团队合作精神和良好的沟通能力。

Additional Locations
* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)
* China
* China - Guangdong
* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)