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Hardware Engineering
Monday, May 2, 2022
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* 武汉(Wuhan) - Hubei - China

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Description and Requirements

1. 负责高通/MTK平台bringup工作,熟悉Pad/Phone 软件架构
2. 解决项目研发过程中出现的各类系统问题性问题,如panic,异常重启,异常关机,黑屏/冻屏等问题;

1. 熟悉linux内核和驱动开发,对系统调度或内存管理,文件系统有深刻理解
2. 熟悉高通/MTK平台异常处理机制,启动流程等。
3. 熟悉gdb,nm,addr2line,objdump,CodeWarrior,Trace32等工具;
4. 良好的沟通能力,团队合作精神,快速学习能力;
5. 有在芯片工作或手机相关行业从业经验优先考虑。

Position Desscription:
1. Be responisble for system bringup on Qcom/MTK platform
2. Be familiar with Pad/Phone Software Architecture
3. Be responsible for Kernel stability issues analysis and optimization, for example : Kernel panic, Unexception reboot, abnormal shutdown and Screen frozen issues.

Position Requirement:
1. Be familiar with Linux kernel and device driver development
2. Good understanding at least one of the following domains: Scheduler/Memory Management/FileSystem
3. Be familiar with Qcom/MTK  bootup flow and debug tools
4. Be faimiar with gdb/nm/addr2line/objdump/CodeWarrior and Trace32 debug tools.
5. Good communication skills and team spirit

* 武汉(Wuhan) - Hubei - China