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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Description and Requirements

配合三方算法评估手机终端落地方案。 负责手机拍照增强,各种图像后处理算法的评估和集成,提升手机拍照质量和效果,打造良好的拍照用户体验。 分析解决在高通/mtk平台的效果和性能问题,熟悉camera算法的HAL层集成,确保集成化方案的性能以及优化。 配合相关部门完成新技术,新项目距的研发和落地,以及解决疑难问题 1. Coordinate with the three-party algorithm to evaluate the mobile terminal landing scheme. 2.Responsible for the enhancement of mobile phone photography, evaluation and integration of various image post-processing algorithms, improving the quality and effect of mobile phone photo, and creating a good photo user experience. 3.Analyze and solve the effect and performance problems of high pass /mtk platforms, be familiar with Hal layer integration of camera algorithms, and ensure the performance and optimization of the integration scheme. 4.Cooperate with relevant departments to complete the R & D and landing of new technologies and new project distances, and solve difficult problems 熟悉高通camx, chi-cdk代码,至少两年以上cameraHAL开发经验,有三方算法集成的经验。 熟悉高通,mtk的ISP的pipeline,数据流,框架,算法原理,并且有过tuning经验最优。 掌握安卓平台的NDK的编程和调试 优秀的分析定位,解决问题的能力,有强烈的责任心 熟悉图形图像知识,或者有GPU工程化经验 精通python,c/c++编程语言。 有多帧HDR,超分,夜景增强等相关的算法经验优先 1.Familiar with QC CAMX, Chi-CDK code, at least two years of experience in cameraHAL development, have experience in 3-parts algorithm integration. 2.Familiar with Qualcomm, MTK, ISP's pipeline, data flow, framework, algorithm principle, and have tuning experience. 3.Master the programming and debugging of NDK on Android platform 4.Excellent analysis and positioning, problem solving ability, strong sense of responsibility 5.Familiar with graphics and image knowledge, or GPU engineering experience 6.Proficient in Python, C / C + + programming language. 7.Experience in multi frame HDR, Super-resolution, night scene enhancement and other related algorithms is preferred
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