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Monday, October 11, 2021

Why Work at Lenovo

ここレノボでは、Smarter Technology for allを実現するのにもっとも適した場所です。
私たちはただFortune 500に選出されているだけでなく、世界中にビジネスを展開し、多彩で優秀な社員と働くことができます。多様なIT/Smartテクノロジーの製品ポートフォリオを持ち、ソフトウェアやデバイスを含めたソリューションを提供することができ、より良い未来、世の中を築いていくことができます。

Description and Requirements

■About the organization and team
As a member of Lenovo QA Team (PCSD Quality), lead product quality assurance and quality improvement activity for Japan market.
- Manager : 1(Direct)、1(Dotted), or manager (Under hiring)
- No. of Subordinates:
- Number of Peers:

- KPI management (Set KPI and monitor the status)
 ・Set KPI target (DOA: Initial quality / RA: Field quality)
 ・Monitor KPI status (DOA: Initial quality / RA: Field quality)

 ・Report the quality data to related members
- Promotion of Quality Improvement activity
 ・Analyze the report from customer (Check if there’s any common issue exists)
 ・Work with ODMs and related team to find the root cause and improvement action for the issue
 ・Apply preventive action to the product on next generation and monitor its effectiveness
 ・Share the quality data with related team including ODMs and promote the improvement activities

- Improve the efficiency of daily work

- Special activities
 ・Join to the Project or TF activities if requested
 ・Quality data analysis and its reporting

■Key Interaction with:
 PCSD Quality Team
 YMT R&D, PE team
 Japan Service Support

■Business Trip (Location, frequency):
Domestic: YES to Yokohama, Gunma Plant, Yonezawa Plant
International: YES to China (Beijing, Shanghai, etc.), US (Morrisville)

■Career Path:
 Promotion to QA manager 

Must Have – essential
Quality management and improvement: 5 yrs.
PC development: 5 yrs.
Fluent communication skill both in Japanese and English (include reading and writing)
TOEIC: 600 or over.
Logical thinking
Must currently reside in Japan

Good to have - desirable
Working experience of development, manufacturing, or project management for mobile phone.
Working experience as data analyst.
Good to have Chinese communication skill