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木曜日, 11 16, 2023
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* Japan - Tōkyō - Chiyoda-Ku

Why Work at Lenovo

私たちは Lenovo 。有言実行し、実行してきたことで得たものにより、お客様を驚かせてきました。
Lenovo は、売上高 620 億米ドル、グローバルでも巨大なテクノロジー企業であり、フォーチュン グローバル 500 誌では 171 位にランクされ、世界中に77,000 人の従業員を擁し、世界の180 の市場で毎日数百万の顧客にサービスを提供しています。 Lenovo は、すべての人にスマートなテクノロジーを提供するという大胆なビジョンに基づき、サーバー、ストレージ、モバイル、ソフトウェア、ソリューション、サービスを含む”新しい IT” テクノロジー (クライアント、エッジ、クラウド、ネットワーク、インテリジェンス)の進歩を促進することで、世界最大の PC 企業としての成功を築いてきました。

この変革は、Lenovo の世界を変えるイノベーションと相まって、どこにいても誰にとっても、より包括的で信頼できる、そしてよりスマートな未来を築き上げています。詳細については、 にアクセスし、StoryHub で最新ニュースをお読みください。 

Description and Requirements

Curate ecosystem of Suppliers by helping select Partners and keeping accurate database of Supplier information including status and capabilities   

·       Prepare and pre-qualify partner nominations and vetting requests.

·       Maintain and assess coverage and skills required by business and shape vendor ecosystem accordingly. 

·       Identifying and researching suppliers to ensure the best value for the company.

·       Negotiating and comparing prices, terms and conditions with supplier, onboarding supplier.

Lead and own subcontracting negotiations with vendors

·       Form necessary contracts to support service delivery outsourcing or vendor services reselling.   

·       Creating and managing procurement plans and budget.

·       Evaluating supplier performance and managing relationship to ensure quality, on time delivery and cost efficiency.

·       Coordination with internal departments to ensure the smooth flow of procurement process.

·       Maintain consistency and challenge vendor quotes in case prices significantly differ from historical quotes for the same type of service.

·       Handing procurement requests and handing purchasing orders.

Lead reviews to provide feedback, actions, and show improvement progress

·       Build relationship with key/strategic vendors and conduct monthly reviews to address challenges and rooms to improvements.

·       Monitoring market trends and keeping up to date with procurement methods and supplier pool.

·       Providing analysis and reporting on procurement data to identify cost saving opportunities and improve procurement processes.

【Must have】

- More than 5 years of experience in electronic or service industry procurement

- Familiar with procurement processes and supplier certification

- Able to independently handle supplier search tasks.

- Strong communication and coordination skills

- Team-oriented and cooperative

- Native Japanese skill with business English communication skills

- BSc degree in supply chain management, logistics or business administration 

Additional Locations
* Japan - Tōkyō - Chiyoda-Ku
* Japan - Tōkyō - Chiyoda-Ku
* Japan
* Japan - Tōkyō