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Software Engineering
Monday, June 20, 2022
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Why Work at Lenovo

ここレノボでは、Smarter Technology for allの実現を信じ、多様な人が平等・公平に扱われる、包括的で明るい未来の創出を目指しています。
レノボは、売上高600億ドル、Fortune Global 500の企業であり、世界の180の市場でお客様にサービスを提供しています。すべての人にスマートなテクノロジーを提供するという大胆なビジョンに基づき、世界を変えるテクノロジーを開発しています。これらのテクノロジーは、(デバイスやインフラを通じて)電力を供給し、(ソリューションやサービス、ソフトウェアを通じて)何百万人ものお客様に力を与えるものであり、あらゆる場所にいるすべての人のために、より包括的で、信頼できる、持続可能なデジタル社会を実現します。

Description and Requirements

About Organization

Lenovo Japan Yokohama branch has mission to develop Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook PC products, and organization, where applicant is assigned to, has development responsibility of system firmware for those ThinkPad Notebook PC products by co-working with other teams inside and outside of the company.

-  Report to : 1st line manager of system firmware development organization for ThinkPad Notebook PC products in Lenovo Yokohama office

-  Subordinates : None

-  Number of Peers : 14

Roles and responsibilities

  • Understands the market/customer requirements properly and interprets them in use cases and functional specifications. 
  • Leads and/or performs high level design of system firmware based on the functional specifications.
  • Leads and/or performs detail design of system firmware.
  • Leads and/or performs programming of system firmware.
  • Leads and/or performs debugging of system firmware.
  • Leads and/or performs problem fix of system firmware.
  • Leads unit testing of system firmware.
  • Communicates with the Product Assurance / Product Engineering teams, and tracks problem status.
  • Communicate with Lenovo ThinkPad development teams in other country and external ODM companies to support their development activities.
  • Communicates with the project managers and the people managers to report the development status.

Key Interaction with:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad development teams in Lenovo Yokohama office.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad development teams in Lenovo Beijing office.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad development teams of Lenovo-Compal-Future-Center (LCFC) company in other countries.
  • External ODM companies mainly in Taiwan.

External system firmware (UEFI BIOS and/or Embedded Controller firmware) vendor companies in other countries.