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Hardware Engineering
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Thursday, June 9, 2022
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Why Work at Lenovo

ここレノボでは、Smarter Technology for allの実現を信じ、多様な人が平等・公平に扱われる、包括的で明るい未来の創出を目指しています。
レノボは、売上高600億ドル、Fortune Global 500の企業であり、世界の180の市場でお客様にサービスを提供しています。すべての人にスマートなテクノロジーを提供するという大胆なビジョンに基づき、世界を変えるテクノロジーを開発しています。これらのテクノロジーは、(デバイスやインフラを通じて)電力を供給し、(ソリューションやサービス、ソフトウェアを通じて)何百万人ものお客様に力を与えるものであり、あらゆる場所にいるすべての人のために、より包括的で、信頼できる、持続可能なデジタル社会を実現します。

Description and Requirements

Notebook electrical design engineer with DC/DC and analog circuit design skills. Essentially the experience in power circuit design of PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Embedded System, and or Consumer Electronics for more than 3 years.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Understands power architecture and requirement of next generation CPU/Chipset/GPU/Battery charger, makes reference schematics and motherboard for prototyping.
  • Understands the market/customer requirements for the product properly and interprets them in architect/high level design of hardware based on those requirements
  • Leads and actually executes by herself/himself the detailed design of hardware (schematics, layout, signal routing, etc)
  • Leads and actually executes by herself/himself the debugging of hardware issue
  • Leads and actually executes by herself/himself problem resolution of hardware issue
  • Leads and executes the unit testing of hardware validation
  • On-site engineering support at manufacturing factory in China during development and ramp-up phase
  • Communicates with mechanical design team to optimize motherboard  design
  • Communicates with software team to optimize hardware design
  • Communicates with procurement engineering team to optimize the implementation of subsystems
  • Communicates with the Product Assurance / Product Engineering teams, and tracks defects
  • Communicates with World Wide ThinkPad development team and external development partners to support their development activities
  • Report the development status to the project manager and the people manager with timely manner

Skills required

  • Understand the datasheet of regulator ICs, FET/Transistor, discrete parts
  • Understand schematics and layout design of motherboard
  • Observe waveform of motherboard electrical signals and analyze it
  • Problem solving skills for electrical issue
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with logical communication skill