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水曜日, 1 24, 2024
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* Egypt - Cairo

Why Work at Lenovo

Motorola Mobility was acquired by Lenovo Group Holdings in 2014. Motorola Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo, which designs and manufactures all Moto and Motorola-branded mobile phones and solutions.

Motorola, mobility isn’t just in our name—it’s in our mission. 

From the first-ever mobile phone to the first 5g-enabled device, we have always been the team putting the most innovative tech in the pockets of millions, so they can take a world of connection with them wherever they go. 

The question for you is: where can Motorola take you? 

From designing the next big thing in smart devices to driving the conversations that will happen on them, careers at Moto are as varied as the people who use our phones. No matter the path you pick, you’re worked will be powered by Lenovo’s global network of more than 70,000 and complete technology portfolio—so you can make moves in a major way. 

To provide a smarter world for all, we need the smartest people. So we're putting out the call. Ready to say hello to Moto?

Additional Locations
* Egypt - Cairo
* Egypt
* Egypt - Cairo