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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Por que trabalhar na Lenovo

Aqui na Lenovo, acreditamos numa tecnologia mais inteligente para todos, então dedicamos nosso tempo para construir uma sociedade mais capaz e inclusiva. 

Nós pensamos grande. Não apenas grande: pensamos enorme. 

Além de sermos uma empresa na lista das Fortune Global 500, somos também uma das empresas mais admiradas dessa lista. Estamos presentes em 180 regiões do mundo, com um time de 63.000 colaboradores simplesmente brilhantes – e esse número só aumenta. Somos conhecidos por oferecer o mais completo portfólio de tecnologias capacitadoras do mundo, començando desde nossos aparelhos mais simples, aos aplicativos de software, até nossos mais sofisticados equipamentos de infraestutura. 

Nossa engenhosidade ajuda milhões de pessoas a experimentar essa visão de um futuro mais inteligente e promissor – e não apenas para alguns poucos privilegiados. 

Qual o único “ingrediente” faltando para tudo isso? Só nos falta você!

Descrição e requisitos

Lenovo is proud to offer our Global Future Leaders Program to the best and brightest graduates globally. This program engages high-achieving, driven students by immersing them in the world of a global technology company. In your first two years, you will be able to participate in cross-organization/cross-border rotations where you will transform and grow while engaging with key stakeholders, gaining deep insight into our organization, and developing comprehensive leadership skills as well as technical capabilities while making a global impact. Through customized training, networking, and development initiatives, our goal is to fast-track your growth and support your development to achieve a leadership role by year five.

As an AI engineer, this role is required to analyze indicators from the massive data flow of customers, excavate values, and solve practical problems through advanced artificial intelligence products and technologies. It is necessary to face the business needs of different business value chains, transform complex business problems into technical problems, and finally solve customer needs through data analysis and mining, using AI intelligent products and current advanced solutions, so as to generate better business decisions and values. In addition, by working with the product technology team to jointly build AI products, explore and create endogenous and external opportunities to create greater value for the company.

Main responsibilities and work contents:
  • Responsible for data mining, analysis, and modeling under big data scenarios
  • Provide solutions for the industry with machine learning product technology
  • Communicate business requirements, define mining analysis or modeling prediction targets
  • Conduct basic statistical analysis and advanced analysis using various data analysis tools
  • Develop advanced machine learning and deep learning models using advanced artificial intelligence tools
  • Cooperate with other technical and business teams to develop more complete solutions and applications
  • Interpret and record the results of data analysis or machine learning models and effectively communicate the information to customers
  • Constantly learn and master the cutting-edge technology in the field of artificial intelligence, and share the technology within the team
  • Grasp the technical direction and form reusable technical solutions on this basis
Skills required:
  • Computer science or related education background - Pre-requisite computer, statistics, algorithms, machine learning and mathematics skills required for data science
  • Experience in data modeling, master SQL, able to manipulate large amounts of data for analysis
  • Proficient in various statistical machine learning models, including classification, regression, clustering, recommendation models, such as linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, k-means, Apriori, etc
  • Good command of integrated learning models and tools, such as Random Forest, XGBoost, Light GBM, etc
  • Familiar with the basic principles of deep learning, master MLP/CNN/RNN model, understand natural language processing and computer vision
  • Good communication skills, able to understand customer needs and present the results of analysis and modeling to customers
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently

 Global Future Leaders Program REQUIREMENTS:

  • Bachelor or master’s students graduating between 2020 and 2022 completing a degree in Technology or Business Management disciplines · 
  • GPA: 3.3 minimum
  • Visionary spirit with thought leadership with a passion for technology and innovation · 
  • International expertise (study abroad, internships) · 
  • Willingness to work from Beijing-China, Chicago-IL, Raleigh/Durham-NC, or countries in European and Asia Pacific Regions. · 
  • Program Start Date: July 2022, can be flexible based on graduation date 


What you get in return:

  • Flexible working hours 
  • Highly engaging work environment
  • New business team that allows you to learn and grow as your transform your career 
  • Pleasant, respectful and collaborative working atmosphere driven by rewards and recognition 
  • Local ownership in a Global setting 
  • Diverse community built on trust and respect

When you join our team, we will provide the opportunity to make an impact and grow your career in a global technology company. Some of the benefits of working at Lenovo include a flexible working environment and generous vacation policy, competitive health, dental and vision coverage, 401K match, various onsite amenities such as fitness and wellness centers, banking, onsite eateries, and much more. Check out our benefits website to learn more!


Aren’t ready to apply or have additional questions? Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or reach out to