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Artificial Intelligence
Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore
* India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE

Why Work at Lenovo

 We are Lenovo. We do what we say. We own what we do. We WOW our customers. 

Lenovo is a US$62 billion revenue global technology powerhouse, ranked #217 in the Fortune Global 500, employing 77,000 people around the world, and serving millions of customers every day in 180 markets. Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, Lenovo has built on its success as the world’s largest PC company by further expanding into growth areas that fuel the advancement of ‘New IT’ technologies (client, edge, cloud, network, and intelligence) including server, storage, mobile, software, solutions, and services. 

This transformation together with Lenovo’s world-changing innovation is building a more inclusive, trustworthy, and smarter future for everyone, everywhere. To find out more visit, and read about the latest news via our StoryHub

Description and Requirements

Why Work at Lenovo:

At Lenovo, we believe in more innovative technology for all, so we spend time building a brighter and more inclusive society. And we go big. No, not big—huge.

We’re a US$60 billion revenue Fortune Global 500 company serving customers in 180 markets worldwide. Focused on a bold vision to deliver more innovative technology for all, we are developing world-changing technologies that power (through devices and infrastructure) and empower (through solutions, services, and software) millions of customers every day and together create a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society for everyone, everywhere.

The one missing thing? Well… you...

Position Description:

As an Enterprise Architect in the Lenovo Solutions & Services Group (SSG) AI Professional Services team specializing in GenAI Solutions, you will drive the conception, design, and implementation of new generative AI products, solutions, and AI service offerings. Your expertise will be instrumental in translating business requirements from and for customers into innovative solution designs that extend, deepen, and elevate the Lenovo Center of Expertise AI portfolio. From inception to productization, your design expertise will bring best practices and best-of-breed tools into play to meet customer needs precisely.

Leading from design to delivery, you'll spearhead our managed services offerings based on generative AI capabilities and emerging innovations. Deploying hybrid large language models (LLMs) and interactive AI capabilities on hybrid cloud infrastructure will be a significant part of the implemented designs. You’ll work cross-functionally to architect and deliver innovative solutions, enabling customers to integrate generative AI solutions seamlessly within their day-to-day operations.

  • This role is primarily internal but includes some customer-facing work.
  • This is a remote-only role.

In this role, you will:

  • Lead the design and development of AI and machine learning solutions to address business challenges. This includes selecting appropriate technologies, designing system architectures, and ensuring the scalability and reliability of AI applications.
  • Collaborate with data scientists, engineers, and other technical staff to implement AI solutions, ensuring alignment with business goals and integration with existing systems.
  • Architect services leveraging and integrating frameworks such as NVIDIA Nemo, OpenAI, Avatar/Digital Person, and NLP technologies, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
  • Design, develop, and optimize AI workload deployment and delivery across on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, guaranteeing seamless operation and data integrity.
  • Continuously enhance and support architectures focusing on scalability, reliability, performance, cost-efficiency, and regulatory compliance, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of industry standards.
  • Develop robust frameworks, templates, and governance models to accelerate the hybrid AI solution and service development and shorten AI product cycles, ensuring timely delivery and market relevance.
  • Drive and develop automation and orchestration of managed offerings across hybrid infrastructure, ensuring high efficiency and resource optimization.
  • Champion security, compliance, responsible AI, and cloud best practices, fostering a culture of excellence and ethical conduct in all our technological endeavors.


  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related fields, demonstrating a solid academic background in relevant domains.
  • 7+ years of experience architecting and delivering multi-platform solutions and demonstrating a deep understanding of technical and operational challenges.
  • Proficiency in AI and machine learning technologies, programming languages (Python or Java), and familiarity with cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Experience with deep learning, NLP, or other AI subfields may be required.
  • Experience with architecting services leveraging and integrating frameworks such as NVIDIA Nemo, OpenAI, Avatar/Digital Person, and NLP technologies, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
  • Exceptional technical leadership and communication skills, demonstrating your ability to lead teams and projects successfully.
  • A passion for continuous learning in this emergent and evolving field, showcasing your commitment to staying updated and bringing fresh ideas to the table.

The ability to travel or work in different locations, depending on project needs.

Preferred Skills:

  • Advanced knowledge in AI and ML frameworks and libraries beyond basic proficiency, including experience with additional frameworks like Keras or libraries like sci-kit-learn.
  • Certifications in AI and Machine Learning like TensorFlow Developer Certificate or NVIDIA Certified AI Developer
  • Market experience in one or more of the following: financial services, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing, energy, consumer products, high-tech, media and entertainment, and automotive
  • Understanding of the relationship between various open-source software and hardware components
  • Deep understanding of security best practices, data privacy laws, and compliance requirements in cloud and AI environments, possibly supported by certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).
  • Experience working in a customer-facing IaaS and PaaS environment preferred.
  • TOGAF 9 Certified, TOGAF Business Architecture preferred.

Additional Locations
* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore
* India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE
* India
* India - Karnātaka
* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore , * India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE