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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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* India - Mahārāshtra - Mumbai

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Description and Requirements

The ability to manage and coordinate incident response efforts. must be able to assess and prioritize incidents, communicate effectively with stakeholders, enable and guide response efforts. Should be able to work under pressure, maintain composure, and take decisions quickly in high-stress situations.

  • Strong technical knowledge of information technology systems and infrastructure
  • Understanding of risk management, mitigation, and incident response frameworks
  • Experience in communicating with senior management and executives
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations related to incident response and data privacy

Should play a critical role in ensuring business continuity and minimize the impact of incidents on operations. Strong leadership, communication, and technical skills are essential for success in this role.

Should have a clear understanding of the incident management process to effectively respond to incidents. Should be able to identify, log, categorize, prioritize and drive  resolution. Incident. Should oversee and ensure that incidents are resolved quickly and  their impact on operations is minimized.

Must promptly identify the incident’s type and severity and initiate the appropriate response procedures.

Incident Managers must have a well-documented incident response procedure in place to ensure that the right actions are taken in response to an incident.

Another critical responsibility of Incident Managers is communication and coordination with stakeholders; this includes internal and external stakeholders. During an incident, an Incident Manager must communicate with the organization’s employees, clients, vendors, and partners to provide accurate and timely updates about the incident’s


The Incident Manager is responsible for managing incidents and emergencies that arise within an organization. The Incident Manager’s duties include:

The Incident Manager also oversees the roles and responsibilities of other team members ensures that each team member understands their role and responsibilities and is prepared to fulfill them.

Incident assessment and prioritization

Would be responsible for assessing the situation and prioritizing actions. This includes determining the extent of the incident, identifying the necessary resources, and ensuring that personnel are deployed in an efficient and timely manner. The Incident Manager must also prioritize actions based on the severity and urgency of the incident, constantly evaluating and adjusting the IAP as needed.

Competencies and Skills

Being an incident manager is no easy task. The role entails not only technical expertise, but also the ability to manage crises and make sound decisions under pressure. In order to be successful, an incident manager must possess a balanced set of competencies and skills.

Technical skills

First and foremost, an incident manager must be knowledgeable in the technical aspects of the systems and processes they are tasked to oversee. This includes an understanding of hardware and software architecture, networks, databases, and security protocols. In addition, they should be familiar with incident response protocols and tools.

Soft skills

Must possess strong soft skills. Effective communication is key, particularly when interacting with various stakeholders like management, technical teams, external vendors, the  ability to negotiate and manage conflicts , sensitive issues with diplomacy and tact.

Perhaps the most critical competency that an incident manager should possess is the ability to manage crises and make sound decisions under pressure ,ability to think on their feet are critical skills in this regard.

The incident manager must be technically proficient with 5 – 6 years of experience and should possess strong soft skills, analytical and critical thinking abilities, and be adept at crisis management and decision-making.

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Additional Locations
* India - Mahārāshtra - Mumbai
* India - Mahārāshtra - Mumbai
* India
* India - Mahārāshtra
* India - Mahārāshtra - Mumbai , * India - Mahārāshtra - Mumbai