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Supply Chain
Monday, April 1, 2024
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* China - Tianjin - 天津(Tianjin)

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Description and Requirements


1. 负责采购项目管理,确保产品以正确的采购策略、成本、供应模式进行交付;

2. 支持产品在开发阶段和全生命周期中的零部件来源协调校准和风险管理;

3. 在关键时间节点通过采购数据和仪表板系统确认项目进度;

4. 基于大数据分析对关键部件复杂性和多源供应进行管理,降低采购风险。

Job Description: 

1. Project Management to deliver product with right source, cost, supply and complexity.

2. Parts source alignment and risk management along product development phase and lifecycle.

3. Procurement data and dashboard system enablement and support.

4. Key parts complexity management through big data analysis.


1. 熟悉PC产品和零件,了解供应链流程,可以在新增规格、来源和地点的情况下分析潜在的成本/供应/复杂性影响;

2. 良好的项目管理技能,可以跨部门对齐关键节点和行动,确保项目进度和成本达到目标;

3. 5年以上供应链背景,具备良好的中英文沟通能力;

4. 熟练掌握分析工具,可以整合项目关键信息,分析数据,发掘关键变更和所需行动。


1. Familiar with PC products and parts, understand supply chain process and potential cost/supply/complexity impacts if new spec, source, sites added.

2. Good project management skills with key checkpoints/actions aligned with cross functions to ensure project schedule and cost meet target.

3. 5+ years supply chain background with strong office skills and good communication skills in both Chinese and English.

4. Good command of analysis tools to consolidate all project key information and ananlyze data to summarize key changes and actions required.

Additional Locations
* China - Tianjin - 天津(Tianjin)
* China
* China - Tianjin
* China - Tianjin - 天津(Tianjin)