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Sunday, April 28, 2024
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Description and Requirements

1.  作为供应链项目经理,负责推动新产品按时、高质量地在制造厂顺利投产;
2.  支持、赋能新的MFG/ODM;
3.  与跨职能团队合作,了解项目需求,评估新项目启动计划和风险,制定应对计划;
4. 确保供应链和制造商工厂为批量生产做好准备,协调、推动MFG(ODM)为材料、产能、资源等做好准备,以支持项目的上市时间和产量;
5. 与R&D/ODT/PQM/SC紧密合作,确保满足所有PLM和产品发布的要求;
6.  对SLE的初始量产产品进行验证(shipment +4wks);
7.  支持项目生命周期定制项目,PCR管理。
1. Project manager in SC and take 100% responsibility to drive new product launching on time with good quality and smoothly ramp up in MFG factory.
2. New MFG/ODM enablement.
3. Works with cross function teams (core project team…) to understand project requirements and evaluate new project launch plan, risk and define mitigation plan.
4. Ensure all teams in SC and MFG factory are ready for mass production, coordinate, drive MFG(ODM) ready for Material , capacity, resource … to support project time to market and volume.
5. Works closely with R&D/ODT/PQM/SC to ensure all requirements for PLM and release of products has been satisfied. 
6. 100% ownership to Lead product verification in initial mass production to SLE (shipment +4wks).
7. Project life cycle customize project, PCR management.

1.  本科学历,有PMP认证者优先;
2.  6年以上工作经验,其中至少3年以上电子产品新产品导入、试产、项目管理经验。有ODM管理经验者优先;
3.  良好的人际交往能力,工作勤奋,分析能力强,注重细节,组织能力强,具有良好的团队合作精神,行动力强,积极进取;
4.  优秀的英语沟通能力,能流利地使用英语作为工作语言。
1. Bachelor Degree, PMP certification will be a plus.
2. 6+ years working experience, of which at least 3+ years solid experiences in Electronics product NPI, Pre-production pilot run, and project management. ODM management experience will be a plus.
3. Good interpersonal skills, hard-working, analytic, detail oriented and very organized, with good team spirit, fast action and can-do attitude.
4. Excellent English communication skills can use English very fluently as working language.

Additional Locations
* China
* China