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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Description and Requirements

1. 定义和执行视频会议系统品类的全球采购策略,以实现业务目标
2. 以最佳条款和条件领导合同谈判,管理货物交付和风险
3. 建立强大的供应商关系,管理RFQ和最终供应商选择,并与业务保持一致
4. 领导供应商管理,包括与业务部门协调的关键二级供应商
5. 按照既定的工作目标管理供应商的绩效,并与业务部门协调推动供应商的持续改进
6. 收集和了解相关品类市场信息,并与内部利益相关者沟通
7. 制定业务应急计划管理供应风险
8. 可选择的工作地点:天津/昆山/合肥/武汉/深圳
Job Description:
1. Define and execute global sourcing strategies for the category of video conference system to achieve business objectives 
2. Lead contract negotiations with best terms and conditions to manage goods delivery and risk
3. Build strong supplier base relationship and manage RFQ and final supplier selection with alignment with business functions
4. Lead supplier management including key tier 2 suppliers in coordination with business functions
5. Manage suppliers’ performance in accordance with agreed SOW and drive continuous improvement with suppliers in coordination with business functions
6. Collect and understand related category market information then communicate with internal stakeholder
7. Manage supply risk with business contingency plan
8. Optional work location: Tianjin/Kunshan/Hefei/Shenzhen

1. 8年以上采购和供应链管理工作经验
2. 在音频/视频/UC相关产品方面有丰富的技术/商业经验
3. 具有良好的国际沟通能力和管理海外供应商的能力
4. 对成本概念,成本降低,建模等有扎实的理解
5. 端到端供应链全流程知识,包括合规和业务控制思维
6. 良好的分析和谈判技巧
7. 流利的英语听说读写能力
1. Above 8 years working experience in sourcing and supply chain management
2. Strong technical/commercial experience in audio/video/UC related products
3. Excellent communication skills in a global environment and ability to manager oversea suppliers
4. Solid understanding costing concepts, cost reduction, modeling, etc. 
5. End to end supply chain full process knowledge, including compliance and business control mindset
6. Good analytic and negotiation skills
7. Fluent in English speaking and writing

Additional Locations
* China
* China