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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore
* India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE

Why Work at Lenovo

Here at Lenovo, we believe in smarter technology that builds a brighter, more sustainable and inclusive future for our customers, colleagues, communities, and the planet.

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We’re not just a US$70 billion revenue Fortune Global 500 company, we’re one of Fortune’s Most Admired. We’re transforming the world through intelligent transformation, offering the world’s most complete portfolio of smart devices, infrastructure, and solutions. With more than 71,500 employees doing business in 180 markets, we help millions—not just the select few—experience our version of a smarter future.

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Description and Requirements

Job Description:

Scope: The ITC Professional Service Specialist's (Project Coordinator) role will assist the ITC Engineers with projects that require specialized focus to ensure a successful client experience. The project coordinator will work closely with the ITC engineers, to maintain communications between all interested parties, including email and telecommunication updates, as needed. The project coordinator will disengage once the project is completed and closed by ITC engineer.


  • ITC Team Lead/Management: Engage Project Coordinator to review projects that require special handling and/or when engineer requires assistance due to:
    • Sensitive client situation
    • High profile project with multiple deliverables
    • Current pending orders, or forecasted for current quarter

Project management:

  • Project Coordinator will:
    • Assist ITC engineer, Sales team, and Client with communications
    • Oversee project health until it is successfully completed
    • Document all activity and create time-line
    • Meet weekly with Team Leads and Manager to review current projects and workload
    • Meet with ITC Team Leads/Managers as needed
    • Create a time-line from project
    • Speak with customer after successful project completion  to get feedback on experience.
    • Handle all CSAT issues
    • Create timeline, reports and charts.

Project qualifiers:

  • To be considered for specialized assistance from the project coordinators, the following criteria will be reviewed:
  • Projects are configured with multiple services / deliverables
  • Orders pending/forecasted for the current or next fiscal quarter
  • Sensitive or urgent client situation
  • New or Existing client, visibility
  • Supply constraints
  • Aged/Parked due to no client response

Additional Locations
* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore
* India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE
* India
* India - Karnātaka
* India - Karnātaka - Bangalore , * India - Karnātaka - BANGALORE