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Hardware Engineering
Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)

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Description and Requirements

1.负责Smart Device Room System产品从立项到上市的全流程系统验证及UX评估工作
4.负责性能测试,设计符合用户真实场景的性能及压力测试方法。评估规划产品组件资源需求,跨代、跨平台、场景化性能测试方案,针对系统性能瓶颈分析,提出调优建议, 协助解决新硬件、新技术落地过程中遇到的技术问题


Job Description
1.Responsible for the E2E system validation and UX evaluation of the Smart Device Room System product, from project initiation to market launch. 
2.Participate in product requirement discussions and design reviews, develop system validation plan, tracking progress, ensuring final product quality and delivery schedule. 
3.Design UX testing methods and evaluation criteria to ensure optimal UX, with a focus on Conference devices and Audio/Video aspects. Continuously enhance testing standards and methods through iterative customer feedback loops.
4.Conduct performance testing, analyze system bottlenecks, and provide optimization recommendations while assisting in resolving technical issues encountered during the implementation of new hardware or technologies. 
5.Perform competitor analysis. Assess pros and cons for technical and UX. Update design specifications and validation standards based on the analysis. Provide comprehensive solutions or improvement plans that prioritize overall competitiveness. 
6.Stay informed about the latest developments in technology applications related to consumer preferences within relevant fields; Analyze and apply new technologies to enhance user experience through design approaches.

Skill Requirements:
1.Bachelor's degree or above in computer science or a related field of data analysis. 
2.More that 5 years experience in UX design and testing in PC or similar areas, Experience in testing and optimizing Audio and Video products is preferred.
3.Skilled in utilizing big data analysis platforms and tools, with the ability in extracting data and constructing knowledge graphs. Have practical project experience in big data analysis. 
4.Proficient in programming languages such as Python, C/C++, can develop test tools and automation solutions.
5.Familiar with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras. Knowledgeable about AI models like CNN, RNN, GAN etc. 
6.Strategic thinking and good communication, strong project driving abilities and teamwork spirit
7.Strong learning ability and logical thinking, focused on cutting-edge technology, with innovative capabilities and self-motivation, positive and proactive work attitude
8.Strong problem analysis and solving skills to tackle complex system issues effectively. 
9.Proficient in English reading, writing, and oral communication skills

Additional Locations
* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)
* China
* China - Guangdong
* China - Guangdong - 深圳(Shenzhen)