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Project Management
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Additional Locations
* China - Shanghai - 上海(Shanghai)

Why Work at Lenovo

We are Lenovo. We do what we say. We own what we do. We WOW our customers. 

Lenovo is a US$62 billion revenue global technology powerhouse, ranked #171 in the Fortune Global 500, employing 77,000 people around the world, and serving millions of customers every day in 180 markets. Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, Lenovo has built on its success as the world’s largest PC company by further expanding into growth areas that fuel the advancement of ‘New IT’ technologies (client, edge, cloud, network, and intelligence) including server, storage, mobile, software, solutions, and services. 

This transformation together with Lenovo’s world-changing innovation is building a more inclusive, trustworthy, and smarter future for everyone, everywhere. To find out more visit, and read about the latest news via our StoryHub. 

Description and Requirements

Position Description: 
1. Manage carrier requirements, gathering, analysis, classify carrier requirements
2.Drive carrier requirements develop & validation, i.e. protocol, application, preloads & UI.
3.Handling critical issues/change requests from carrier.
4.Triage carrier issues, discuss & negotiate with carrier for solutions.
5.Drive resolution of carrier issues fix and verification.
6.Manage carrier lab entry process, responsible for qualification of carrier lab entry test & SW delivery to Carrier.

Position Requirements: 
1. Good at Korean language speaking & writing.
2. Experiences with Korea Carrier requirements & process.
3. Above 5 years in SW/Mobile Development.
4. Strong at communication.

1. 이동통신사 요구 사항 관리,  이동통신사 요구 수집, 분석 및 분류.
2.  이동통신사 요구 사항 개발 및 검증 추진. 예: 프로토콜, 애플리케이션, 사전 로드 및 UI.
3. 이동통신사 주요 문제/변경 요청 처리.
4. 이동통신사 문제 분류, 이동통신사와 솔루션 논의 및 협상.
5. 이동통신사 문제 수리 및 검증 솔루션 추진.
6. 이동통신사 실험실 진입 프로세스 관리. 이동통신사 실험실 진입 테스트 적격인증 담당 및  이동통신사에게 소프트웨어 제공 담당.

작업 요구 사항:
1. 한국어 회화능통,작문능통.
2. 한국  이동통신사  요구사항 및 프로세스 경력직.
3. 소프트웨어/모바일 개발 경험  5년 이상.
4. 의사소통 능력 강한 분.

Additional Locations
* China - Shanghai - 上海(Shanghai)
* China
* China - Shanghai
* China - Shanghai - 上海(Shanghai)